A New Years Message From The Leader Of Crewe Town Council Kevin Hickson

By Crewe Town Council
A New Year Message from the Council Leader, Cllr Kevin Hickson

Crewe Town Council logoAs we enter the New Year I wanted to wish everyone in the Town and the wider area of South Cheshire a happy and prosperous New Year.

Looking forward, next year will be an exciting one for the Town and I hope that as the new Town Council we can play a pivotal role in taking the Town and its economy forward.
We stand ready to work with all parts of the Community to make things better and to act as a key voice for Crewe.
Looking back though it has been an interesting year, we now have a Town Council, which I feel is a huge step forward for the people of Crewe.

It is important that the Council has a voice and that it represents all our communities.
Since the Council formed in April I am really proud of the progress made and in particular would highlight:

  • The success of the delivery of the Christmas Programme and of the summer floral displays, both of which were provided by the Town Council and we hope will be enhanced in future years.
  • The start of the process whereby the Council starts to deliver devolved and transferred services from Cheshire East. The Council now owns the town’s eleven allotment sites and is working closely with the new Crewe Town Allotment Federation to build them into a set of allotments that the Town can be truly proud of. I look forward to successes in regional and national competitions in years to come.
  • The approval of a grants scheme allowing the Town Council to give to community groups and help them to improve the quality of life and enhance facilities in the Town.
Cllr Kevin Hickson

Cllr Kevin Hickson

Though the pot is finite I’d encourage groups to make an application via the Council’s website for funding.
Looking ahead to 2014 we have a whole series of activities planned and we look forward to the Council moving from strength to strength as we build relations with our partners throughout the Town.

It must be mentioned that 2014 marks the centenary of the outbreak of WW1 and we will play our part in the respectful commemorations of that centenary.

My other priorities are to deliver improvements within the town and I’d highlight:



  • The continued work to deliver on the idea of a Museum for Crewe.
  • The ongoing project to develop a Youth Employment Partnership that will play its part in getting more young people into long term and well paid work.
  • Our desire to persuade Cheshire East to transfer the Town’s markets, as they have done in the other towns in South Cheshire, into our custody. I certainly believe we have the drive and resources to make the markets what they once were and to use them as an engine to drive the local economy.

I wish you all every success and thank all my colleagues on the Council as well as our officers for their support and help in what remains our first year of operation.
Here’s to Crewe!

Cllr Kevin Hickson