200 Balloons Popped For Charity Asthma UK At Wychwood Park

Sounds of Balloons popping rang through the popular Devere venues Wychwood Park complex near Crewe today, during a fun sponsored Balloon pop in aid of a great charity Asthma UK.

Balloon PopThere are over five million people with asthma in the UK, and the charity are there for people when they need them most.

The charity hopes to live in a world where asthma is no longer a daily battle for some and where no one dies from the condition.
They are working to make this happen through world-leading research, award-winning information and services, and life-changing campaigns.

Wychwood Park have been holding a charity fund raiser which ended today (May 13th) with manager Nathan Smith-Hilliard racing to pop all of the sponsored Balloons like you have never seen anyone do before!

People visiting the venue were given the opportunity to purchase a Balloon from the reception desk.
They had to put their name and contact details on the label that was attached to the Balloon and then place it inside a Mini that was parked inside the hotel for a chance of winning a prize.
The prize was a luxury hamper including a bottle of bubbly, they also got one nights stay at Wychwood Park.

All Balloons except for one were popped, the one that survived was the winning Balloon and the lucky winner will now be notified by email.

The Crewe News were invited to go down and watch things unfold, Jay C managed to speak to Nathan who was about to take the plunge.

Nathan Commented:
There are in the region of 200 Balloons here, people who have visited our centre have paid £1 for each of these Balloons to be part of the pop.
There were also people who had been donating without wanting a Balloon so that was really good of them and we thank them for that.
We are proud to be helping Asthma UK in their fund raising.

Balloon PopThen it was straight down to business, Nathan did his best to pop all the Balloons as fast as he could.
A breathless Nathan then told Jay C more about past charity support and the current chosen charities.

Nathan Said:
Devere venues chose two charities for for their charity of the year 2013 which are Asthma UK, a national charity and also the Donna Louise Trust which is a local charity.
All our fund raising efforts this year will be split 50/50 between them both. We chose Asthma UK as it is not as widely known as some of the bigger charities.
Last year we supported the British Heart foundation and as a company raised over £200,000 of which Devere venues contributed around £115,000 of that.
I think that Asthma UK is a really good charity to get involved in, every day up to 3 children die of complications due to Asthma.
It is totally cureable as long as you can pick up on it and understand what needs to be done, thats why we are giving it our support and hoping to raise awareness of the condition too.
The Donna Louise trust is important to the area as it is very local to us so we will be planning lots of events for both causes throughout the year.

£200 was raised by just the sales of the Balloon pop alone.
Wychwood are aiming to try and raise around £300,000 altogether this year which will be split between both of the years charities, so please look out for the next events on the Crewe News.

If you have any ideas of fund raising you would like to put forward or would like to donate to this years chosen charties then please contact the venue directly.
You can find them on the link below.

Wychwood Park Hotel

A big thank you to Purple Sprout, Wychwood General Manager Nathan Smith-Hilliard and the staff at Wychwood Park.