15% Cut Leaves Crewe Town Council Looking For Savings

Crewe Town Council logoThe Town Council is in the process of preparing its budget and has been notified by Cheshire East that it plans to cut its funding to Town and Parish Councils by 15.3% next year.

The cut reduces the Council Tax Support Grant and is expected to be confirmed in a matter of weeks.

Cllr Kevin Hickson, Leader of Crewe Town Council said:
‘We don’t want to make an issue of this and we will do our bit to absorb a cut that has been passed down to us via Cheshire East as a consequence of cuts made by the government in central funding. The action by Cheshire East is measured and on the face of it seems to treat this tier of government in a proportionate way.


‘The fact we have had notice of this in good time is a big help and I’d thank Cllr Raynes for his handling of this matter’.

Cllr Kevin HicksonCllr Kevin Hickson continues:
‘The worry is that we face a race to the bottom in many areas, as budgets are cut Cheshire East face dilemmas in how they manage their affairs without reducing the scope and quality of services. We have offered to share the load by taking on the markets, allotments, toilets, café and paying Cheshire East for space in the Municipal Building. If they are to address their own pressures they need to move quickly on these matters as we are setting our budgets in the coming weeks.’


‘The pressures on Cheshire East are typified by their letter this week seeking funding from town councils across Cheshire East for CCTV provision. In our case we have received a request for £54k, it is an outlandish amount when compared with our overall income level. Like other councils we will look at it and make a judgement on whether there is value in supporting the delivery of CCTV. I’d call upon anyone in the community with a view to contact me to give me their views on whether the Town Council should step in to save the service.’

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